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Biomedical engineering is the art of applying advanced science and technology to diagnostic equipment design, processing and assistance (known as medical devices) in order to improve the quality of patient care.

The biomedical engineer operates in a multidisciplinary environment involving life sciences (biology and medicine) and engineering sciences (physics, computer science, electronics, mechanics ...).


The medical technology market globally in 2008 was EUR 166.7 billion. In France it is 6.2 billion euros, after Germany and the United Kingdom. These data are extracted from a conference given at ISIFC in September 2009 by the Director-reimbursement regulations of SNITEM.

The school therefore offers an original training that meets a real need for engineers at the interface of science and medicine, in an innovative sector and expanding.


The engineer graduate ISIFC now has three cultures: technical, regulatory and medical, which allows it to communicate with doctors and translate their needs into technical solutions while ensuring respect for the regulatory aspects of medical devices.

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