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Practical Informations


For your home: The university residences on campus are connected to an internet system Neoservices (you can get set up with the help of the CROUS). For internet in a private residence, you must use an internet service provider (Free, SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom or any other low-cost online provider).

Around town: There are many locations where you can gain access to internet like at the university, at the MDE (Student Center), at the CRIJ (Regional Youth Information Center), in bars, in restaurants, etc.

Getting around

By public transportation


You can get around Besançon by bus or by tram, but, in order to use them, you need a ticket or a membership card. You can find city maps and the public transportation routes at the Ginko store or on their website. Bus line number 3 connects the campus to the city center.


By bike

The city bike system Vélocité offers bikes 24/7. Tickets can be withdrawn at one of the stations using a credit card.

The association VéloCampus offers bicycles for rent to students for 5€ a month. They also sell inexpensive secondhand bikes and even offer sessions where you can repair your bike with or without assistance. There is one located on campus and another on rue d’Arènes downtown.


The Université de Franche-Comté, through its service U-Sport, offers many different types of sports that you can participate in on campus: team sports, fitness, swimming, combat sports, rock climbing, etc. And it is free for university students! They also offer regularly outside activities such as hiking, ski trips and many more.

There are also many other sports associations and you can discover them in the directory of the website of the city of Besançon where you can find an association based on a specific sport that you are looking for. Go to section Sports et Loisirs, and then Pratiquer une activité.

Getting a French phone number

Having a French phone number will make your life and stay much easier! You can get a phone plan using any of these providers: Free, SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom, and low cost providers available online. We advise you to get a plan without a contract because they are more practical and you can cancel them whenever you wish.

The area code for France is +33. To make calls outside of France, dial 00 plus the country’s area code plus the phone number that you are calling. However, be careful, international calls incur an extra charge for certain plans.


For any medical advice, you can find a doctor on the website:

If you need medical consultation at night, on a weekend, or on a public holiday, you can call SOS Médecins by dialing 36 24 to get into contact with a doctor on call in Besançon. In case of a medical emergency, call the SAMU by dialing 15.

On campus, you can also visit the SUMPPS (Campus Health Department) which freely offers emergency treatments, vaccination updates, dietary consultations, contraception, STI prevention, consultations for the handicap, as well as social and psychological support. However, remember that this service is not open during university holidays.

Phone : +33 3 81 66 61 30

Source : ESN BESANÇON - Nickolas Juneau