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Student life in Besancon

Besançon is a cute city in Eastern France, home to the birthplace of Victor Hugo and the Lumière Brothers, it boasts the masterpiece of the famous French military engineer Vauban : The Citadel. Its beauty is undeniably unique, which is why in 2008 it was officially named a world heritage site by UNESCO. If you have a free afternoon, walk up to the Citadel of Besançon where you can visit a zoo and different museums all inside its magnificent walls.

The heart of the city is surrounded and protected by the Doubs River, which is why the locals talk about La Boucle when referring to the city center, which means “the loop.” Each bridge that crosses the Doubs connects downtown to the rest of the city and each one is unique in its own way and full of history, such as the Battant Bridge, or Pont Battant.

As you may already know, Besançon is a lively city thanks to the many students that fill the streets every day. There are around 23,000 students every year, so it’s no wonder that Besançon lives as much at night as it does during the day! Not to mention the huge number of international students that spend a year or more in the city and are always eager to meet new people.

Source : ESN BESANÇON - Nickolas Juneau