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Training at ISIFC

General presentation

The ISIFC engineer training is divided into four major areas of training (and a third year option) : 


 Engineer sciences

Mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, materials, electronics, automation, signal processing and image ...

 Life and health sciences

Biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, instrumentation and medical imaging, clinical investigations, telemedicine, orthopedics, dentistry ...

 General and business culture

Languages??, techniques of expression, creativity, management, project management,

marketing, quality, standards and regulations for health, business management, innovation and entrepreneurship, company visits and trade shows, conferences, seminars devoted to the engineer job ...

Professional experience (Internships and Projects)

  • Training for hospital discovery at the University Hospital of Besançon (4 days)

  • Tutored project (100 h)

  •       Clinical internship (6 weeks)
  •       R&D internship (minimum 3 months)
  •       Industrial internship (minimum 4 months)

Les étudiants à l'ISIFC

    NB: At the end of the first or second year engineering students must complete a seasonal internship, nursing home or humanitarian nature, in France or abroad, with a placement agreement.


    Les différentes options de 3ème année

     Options in 3thrd year


    In the third year, a specialization is available : 


    • Biomechanics and microsystem
    • Cellular and Tissular Engineering
    • E-Health

    Modern languages


    Two foreign languages are mandatory whose English in first choice. In second choice, students can choose German or Spanish.