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Internships during the second year (Bachelor + 1)

Internship in a clinical service : 6 weeks

Stage Hospitalier


The place and importance of clinical internship in the second year are essential in training.


The aim of this internship is to familiarize engineer students with the hospital to give her an experience of work realities, constraints and relationships within a hospital.

It allows engineer students to understand the operation and requirements of a hospital, and refine skills acquired during academic training, to interact with doctors and engineers of the hospital sector.


During this internship, the engineer student will conduct a specific work of analysis and synthesis.



Engineer students work alone or in pairs in the service of a health facility


The manager of the home department proposes to the engineer student a mission that reflects current concerns of his service :


  • technical study for evaluating of a practice of a diagnosis or a treatment
  • evaluation or project of performance improvement for an appliance or a biomedical technology (purchase prediction of new equipment, ongoing studies of technology transfer …).


Sometimes, the subject of the mission may be proposed by the student (if, for example, he has identified a fault on a device), in agreement with the department manager.


This is therefore not an observation internship. The engineer student must perform a specific job analysis, reflection and creativity with, if possible, a concrete result. He identifies the specific needs of the service, he follows the evolution and scalability of products, working with professionals to scrutinize tenders ...


Manager of clinical internships

Stéphanie François, ISIFC