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Internships during the first year (Bachelor)

Awareness internship in hospital : 1 week

Stage de Découverte


During the first semester, engineer students will be integrated for a week in a service of the University Hospital of Besançon to discover the life and operation of the service.

Immersion internship : minimum 4 weeks, 1st year

Stage d'Immersion Industrielle


The aim is to confront engineer students to the reality of the professional and socio-economic world through a mission in an industrial enterprise, (aerospace, automotive, medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, ...)


This experience can take various forms such as :

  • Operator in cleanroom (company Micromega, Besancon)
  • Assistant engineer for updating technical files for CE marking of medical devices (ARTHESYS, Gennevilliers)
  • Technician for validation testing as orthopedic products control (J & J, Switzerland)
  • Technician for the management of measuring instruments (Statice Santé, Besançon)
  • Operator of machine tool
  • Designer of CAD


Agreements where the internships in the following structures will not be accepted :

  • supermarkets
  • craft structures
  • the structures of liberal professions
  • care centers
  • research laboratories
  • services companies and public administration.


This internship is mandatory.


It has a minimum duration of 4 weeks, possibly divided by periods of one week

It takes place during the first year of training.

There must be a contract of employment or, failing that, an internship agreement.

The mission and the content of the contract or internship must be approved by the manager of the immersion internships.


Manager of immersion internships

Dominique Gendreau, ISIFC