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Professional Contract

ISIFC offers a solution for the industrials to recruit 3rd year engineer students for a professional interniship contract.

The student will have specific engineer missions on site (in the company) during 75% of their time (980h+), and will be in training the 25% remaining part (about 330h in total).

Professional contract

The Professional Contract is handled by the Continuing Education service at University of Franche-Comté.

The professional contract advantages

  • For the company :

It is the only way to have an ISIFC engineer student on the spot for a continuous period of 8 months or more.

Tuitions fees are handled by « OPCA » (french fund collecting and distributing agencies).

Some financial aids are possible to cover some of the student salary.

Professional Contract allows you to test the motivation and integration of the student (trial period).

  • For the student :

A way to get a significant salary while finishing their last year of engineer formation.

A great and solid professional experience to put on their resume.

Their tuition fees are handled by the company.

Some specific fellowships possibilities for housing.

Learning schedule and work time

Professional contract schedule

  • Professional contract is possible the 3rd (and last) year of training (french « Bac+5 »).

  • The whole contract extends over 12 months or even more (depending on the OPCA).

  • The contract can begin up to 2 months before the start of the academic year (in September) and can last until 2 months after the last internship presentation (in July).

  • We suggest to start the professional contract at least 2 weeks before the academic year begins, so the student is in the company during a part of his trial period.

  • The training course at ISIFC is spread over 13 weeks, during 332g, 326h or 339h depending of the option chosen (e-Health, bio-engineering, or biomechanics and microsystems).

  • Student missions for his internship part in company should last at least 420h (R&D missions) + 560h (industrial missions).