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Engineering overview

Our Engineering degree

Our ISIFC engineering training is divided into four major areas of training (and a third year option) :  


La formation ISIFC  La formation ISIFC

Engineer sciencesPôles de compétences (26%)

Mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, materials, electronics, automation, signal processing and image...

Life and health sciences (10%)

Biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, instrumentation and medical imaging, clinical investigations, telemedicine, orthopedics, dentistry...

General and business culture (15%)

Languages, techniques of expression, creativity, management, project management, marketing, quality, standards and regulations for health, business management, innovation and entrepreneurship, company visits and trade shows, conferences, seminars devoted to the engineer job...

Professional experience (Internships and Projects) (36%)

  • Formation ISIFCIndustrial experience (4 weeks)
  • Clinical internship (6 weeks)
  • R&D internship (3 months min)
  • industrial internship (4 months min)

Projects (8%)

  • Tutored project (1st year)
  • Biotika® (2 and 3rd year)


  • R&D cell (2 and 3rd year)


  • Industrial strategy (2 and 3rd year)

Specialisation option in 3rd year (5%)

  • Biomechanics and microsystem


  • Bio-engineering


  • e-Health

Foreing languages

Two foreign languages are mandatory while English has to be the first choice.
In second choice, students can choose German, Spanish or chineese.

Engineering program overview

Formation is spread over 6 semesters.


You can download our program here (french for now) :

 >> Program overview 2020-2021 (FR) <<

Each semester is made of teaching units (« unités d’enseignement » or UE) also subdivided in teaching modules.