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Housing in Besancon

University residence

You can rent a room at the CROUS in Besançon, either on the campus of La Bouloie or downtown. The rent depends on the room size. All rooms are furnished (a bed, a desk, a closet) and there is a shared kitchen for all residents of the floor. The apartment is also exempt from the residence tax, (in France, we must pay a special tax at the end of the year for residency) however, staying in a CROUS apartment, you will not have to pay it.

Note that our school have a certain amount of reserved rooms at the CROUS for your usage.

Phone : +33 3 81 48 46 61

Renting a room in a home for young workers

The home Les Oiseaux and the home La Cassotte are both options that offer rooms and small apartments for young people.

Renting an apartment

You can rent an apartment by going to a real estate agency, however, be careful, most of the time there are expensive fees you must pay by using them.

You can also find rent ads for apartments in Besançon on the internet through certain websites such as CRIJ or Le Bon Coin.

Financial Aid for housing

In France, there is a public agency that may be able to help you by paying a part of your rent called the CAF and they assign you a personalized aid package called the APL. To receive this aid, you will need to have a French bank account.

Source : ESN BESANÇON - Nickolas Juneau